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eLearning Travel Security Online Courses

The ExploreSecure® Essential Travel Security Course provides students the core fundamentals of travel safety. It is the bedrock of all our training courses and introduces the unique ethos and foundations of the coveted ExploreSecure system.

The essential principles taught in this course will significantly develop the ability to identify dangers early, understand risk, and increase chances of surviving security incidents.

Eight Modules taking approximately 45 minutes to complete:

It is strongly advised that this course is taken by all travelers, no matter experience level. It is the foundation to all the specialist and more advanced training courses available and in the pipe line.

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The ExploreSecure® Advanced Travel Safety Course builds on the skills and principals learned in the Essential Travel Safety Course. This advanced course provides students the skills and knowledge to respond appropriately to dangerous and high-risk encounters.

Content Includes:

  • Advanced Situational Awareness

  • Advanced Transportation Safety

  • Fire Safety in Hotels and Venues

  • Personal Security

  • Surviving Terrorist Attack and Active Shooter

  • Civil Disturbance and Protest

  • Crisis Management

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Organization-Wide Training


Branded Portal

Our innovative eLearning platform allows clients to have their own branded, and tailored portal.
This package gives you your own portal, branded with logo and color schemes etc, full administration access, ability to enroll users, check on progress, be told when courses are completed and get reminded when people need to renew. At the click of a button you can run specific reports on unlimited numbers of people – see who has started but not completed the course, see who has not started, or when someone is up for renewal.  There are multiple options to assist Human Resources, project managers, and staff. To help provide standardization for employees, students or volunteers you can invite and enroll users with emails written by you, and tailored to the end-user. Also design and tailor certificates, and logos of your organization or company placed on all content.

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ExploreSecure® Portal

We can customize the courses your team take and then send you course participation reports.
If a Branded portal and admin capability isn’t important to you. Tell us how many people you require to take the course, and provide us all of the names and their respective email addresses. We will then do all the hard work. Each user will be invited and enrolled in the course of your choice, each receiving an email from ExploreSecure® with a link to start the course. Two clicks and they have started the course and are underway. We can then send you a report at the end of the pre-determined time period telling you who has started and completed the course.

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Your Own LMS

We understand a lot of organizations have their own systems and infrastructure for eLearning.
If you have your own Learning Management System (LMS) and just want to upload our course onto your pre-established LMS to use on-demand, we can provide you the SCORM file on an annual contract.

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