In-Person Training

provides a high-level travel safety training at a client’s preferred location

What to expect from our in-person courses

In-Person Travel Security Training

This 4 hour training program is deliverable to any number of participants. Often including, but not limited to, the following modules:

  • Situational awareness

  • Hotel safety

  • Fire safety

  • Surviving Terrorism and Active Shooter

  • Safety in and Around vehicles

These training sessions can be delivered to any number of participants aligned with the client’s requirements and facilities.

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Tailored Security and Awareness training with the following module options:

  • Advanced Situational Awareness

  • Surviving Terrorism

  • Hostile Surveillance Detection

  • Safety in vehicles

These training sessions are more tailored to small numbers of participants. ExploreSecure often works with a student-instructor ratio of 2:1.

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Our advanced and specialist close quarter defense (armed and unarmed) training reviews the following topics:

  • Protect and defend yourself against physical assault

  • Develop self-confidence in high-stress and chaotic conditions

  • Develop decision making under pressure

  • Realistic scenario-based training

Taught in Maryland and specific courses ranging from 3 to 5 days for any number of students. All instructors stem from Tier One Special Forces Backgrounds. All content has been designed and accrued over multiple years of the ExploreSecure teams varied operational and global travel experience.

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