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The ExploreSecure® team is dedicated to improving the security of all travelers.

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The provision of a comprehensive Security Vulnerability Risk Assessment (SVRA) and gap analysis is fundamental to the development of a travel risk management Program. The ETS SVRA and gap analysis reviews a client’s operations and focuses on accurately identifying threats and vulnerabilities and identifying the appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Our aim is to reduce client risks to acceptable levels within their own organizations risk tolerance and provide a comprehensive understanding of the general threat security situation on the ground.

This process provides our client with a more informed, agile and balanced decision making capability regarding operational security concerns. The identified risks will be prioritized according to the client’s operational design. With this information we then advise on the most secure and effective risk prevention practices to assure our clients the very highest standard of risk management.

  • Via eLearning
    • A Branded Portal or our own Portal
    • A SCORM file on your own LMS
  • Via In-Person Training

The first decision to make is whether via eLearning or in-person (Instructor-led at your location). If considering eLearning, the next option to decide on is whether to deploy a SCORM file on your own Learning Management system (LMS), or to utilize the ExploreSecure® LMS.

Our innovative ExplorSecure eLearning platform also allows clients to have their own branded, and tailored portal. This package gives you full administration access, able to enroll users, check on progress, be told when courses are completed and get reminded when people need to renew. At the click of a button you can run specific reports on unlimited numbers of people – see who has started but not completed the course, see who has not started, or when someone is up for renewal.  There are multiple options to assist Human Resources, project managers, and staff.

Any training should provide an auditable trail that personnel completed the necessary steps prior to departure to minimize the risk of litigation. It should then be renewed annually.

Think about the GEBIR principal – an acronym that ExploreSecure® developed to help better understand frame Travel Risk Management:

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If an emergency incident occurs police and national emergency medical services are often inadequate, overwhelmed, or non-existent. There must be a pre-identified and rehearsed service in place to ensure the effective and timely response to an emergency.

Here are just 3 components to Crisis Management:

  • Communication – The benchmark is to be able to identify the exact location of your employees and be able to effectively communicate with them within 15-20 minutes of an incident occurring.
  • Crisis Management – Be able to react immediately and effectively. This requires the design and implementation of plans and processes, to be complemented by the introduction and training of a crisis management team.
  • Emergency Evacuation/Hibernation Plans – These should be a structured and practical guide for the organization to identify and respond to executing a full or partial evacuation of personnel from operational locations, or hibernate in-situ until the situation changes.

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    Our Services

    Simplifying Travel Risk Management for Organizations 

    In-Country Support

    In-Country Support

    ExploreSecure® provides Secure Transportation, Executive Protection, and Special Event Security across the globe. Every day in various locations our team supports client Travel Risk Management Programs.

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    TRM Portal and Tracking App

    TRM Portal & Tracking App

    A state of the art tracking app and portal able to be tailored to any requirement our ExploreSecure® portal and tracking App provides cutting edge group monitoring solutions and emergency response services.

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    Travel Safety Training

    Travel Safety Training

    One of the world’s most successful Travel Security eLearning programs deliverable across business workforces, or student populations. Whether an NGO, University or Fortune 500, ExploreSecure® is the perfect solution to Duty of Care issues surrounding travel risk management.

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    Our Training and Consultancy Teams have the ability to deliver fully structured development solutions for Travel Risk Management. Our team consists of the world’s leading subject matter experts in the commercial, scholastic, and NGO industries.

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    eLearning Travel Security Online Courses

    Travel security training is one of the key components to a robust travel risk management program. An organization can now empower travelers with the skills and knowledge to manage and mitigate risk.


    Essential Travel Security Course

    The ExploreSecure® Essential Travel Security Course provides students the core fundamentals of travel safety. It is the bedrock of all our training courses and introduces the unique ethos and foundations of the coveted ExploreSecure® system.

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    Advanced Travel Security Course

    The ExploreSecure® Advanced Travel Safety Course builds on the skills and principals learned in the Essential Travel Safety Course. This advanced course provides students the skills and knowledge to respond appropriately to dangerous and high-risk encounters.

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    Unsurpassed Quality

    Training and Consultancy from Subject Matter Experts 

    At ExploreSecure®, all of our training and consultancy team stem from elite backgrounds including UK Special Forces (SAS, SBS, SRR), MI5, MI6, and US Tier One Special Forces (Delta/SEAL).

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