In 2019, Mexico received a lot of negative scrutiny about whether it was a safe country to visit as a traveller. In recent years, there have been several reported shooting incidents and other incidents of violence in locations popular with tourists.  These incidents are generally drug-related attacks between cartel groupings, but members of the public or tourists have a risk of being caught in the crossfire.

Most countries come with a certain amount of risk but understanding the threats can reduce the impact.  In Mexico, the threat level is dynamic, atmospherics and volatility change weekly and can affect all areas within the country; this needs to be taken into consideration when planning your trip.  If you are unsure about which areas are safe, government travel advisories are an excellent place to research your options or seek advice from a security professional.  The popular tourist destinations, with a high police presence, generally have fewer incidents.

Safest Beach in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is considered a safe destination for tourists.  It has mainly remained uninvolved in cartel conflicts, the few incidences publicised are thought to be linked to individuals who had previous involvement with the cartels.  Since May 2015, there has been no involvement of international travellers in cartel violence in Puerto Vallarta.  However, travellers should be aware that low-level crime does exist, such as petty crime and pickpocketing, but this is considered low in comparison to other major cities such as Las Vegas, London and Barcelona.  To reduce the risk of becoming a victim of such threats, increase situational awareness and avoid displaying valuable items.

Hotels in Puerto Vallarta

Once you have decided on a location, it is essential to know where to set your base.  Travel forums are a good source of information to get a general idea from those who have recently been to the location, but due to the changing threat picture, this might not always be accurate.  It is essential to research all platforms and avenues that your budget will allow.

The safest hotels in Puerto Vallarta, as recommended by our locally based ETS Risk Management Mexico security team are generally considered to be:

Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

Hilton e Hyatt Ziva

Travel Security Experts

ExploreSecure® receives intelligence updates in real-time from our travel security and secure ground transportation team based within Mexico.  Our team have an abundance of local knowledge and experience operating and living throughout the whole of Mexico.  If an incident occurs, we are informed immediately to allow us to adapt and analyse the risk.  The information we provide to our clients and followers is sourced from facts based on the current situation on the ground.

 Travel Security Training

Having as much information about the risks before you travel is just as important as understanding the level of personal security required. Speaking to a security professional about your options can help to make your trip as safe as possible.

Explore Secure® can provide travel security training to support a business team or individuals travelling to areas that may involve a certain degree of risk.  We can also offer an Essential Travel Security eLearning course which we assess should be an integral part of your preparation before travel.

Our modules highlight the daily threats a traveller may face and options on how to mitigate or reduce the risk.

  • Prior Preparation and Planning
  • Female Travel Security
  • Avoiding Muggings/Robberies
  • LGBTQ Travel Security
  • Overland transportation
  • Heath and First Aid
  • Safety in Hotels
  • Surviving Terrorist and Active Shooter Incidents
  • Situational Awareness
  • Natural Disasters

Travel security training is one of the critical components of a secure travel risk management program.   Please contact Us with any questions