Back in 2012 when we designed our first travel security course our target market was Gap Year Travelers, primarily young students heading away for prolonged durations. It soon transpired through a broader client reach-out that there was a significant demand for travel security training for a range of other groups. We were being approached by Business Leaders, HR managers, NGOs, and Fortune 500 Chief Security Officers. The market had realized one core truth about Travel Risk Management, that individual travelers need the tools and training to help make informed decisions and manage their own risk. We set about developing our training based around the premise that ‘Identifying threats early to avoid the danger is absolutely key’.

The word ‘Explore’ initially has connotations with adventure travel, or expeditions in remote regions. To us it means Exploring Business, Exploring new markets, or Exploring opportunities. Whether a Business traveler, an energy sector worker, a student on gap-year, or a charity worker; to Explore Secure means carrying out your job, work, or passion securely and then returning home safe and sound. Our mission at ExploreSecure® is to help make that happen. We are dedicated to the safety and security of all travellers.

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Whatever you and your team are exploring, the eLearning Travel Security training from the ExploreSecure® team provides groups and organizations an effective and user-friendly system of delivering the skills and knowledge of how to mitigate and manage risk. 

Travel Security Training

Travel security training is one of the key components of a secure travel risk management program. We provide travelers with the skills and knowledge to take ownership of their personal safety.

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